*Diamond Eyes* (mirageonpluto) wrote in doria_roberts,
*Diamond Eyes*

each time i listen to Doria, i am more amazed with her than i ever thought possible. come back to MA Doria. I miss you.
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awww, she is great... isn't she!
your icon is wonderful. i have some pictures with her. but dont know how to make them to icons. she is so gorgeous too. i literally fell over when i saw her. lucky there was a wall there. and her music. is priceless. and makes me speechless.
if you want to send me a pic or two, i can see about making it into an icon for you... wideawakeanddreaming at yahoo dot com
I totally agree with you. . .Doria is the best!! Do you know any of her tabs for her music? I can't find any, and I really want to play some of her music. I was just asking because you're a fan. Doria rocks!!
no. im sorry i dont know of any tabs. and i dont know where to find them either. good luck!
I love Doria but not as much as I love Sara!

I´m searching for the lyrics of "Black Pearl", maybe someone could help?