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saw doria for the first time on wednesday at the knitting factory with melissa ferrick..she was awesome and i'm totally in love with her now. i bought alive and well and can't stop listening to it. i know the words to most of the songs already... hehe. i have just one question...about the "last song. hmmm" track...does she always play perfect last?

oh yeah, also, has anyone else noticed that track 3 and 4 are mixed up on the back of the cd?

sorry if these are really obvious questions...i want to know as much about her as possible!
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yeah..perfect became her lil Popular they-even-played-it-on-a-big-atlanta-rock-station song and the main song everyone who knows her music loves, so she pretty much always plays it last--i've never gone to a show where she didn't play it.
oh okay, thanks! i read a ton of articles about her online and i noticed that perfect was nominated for best pop song by some kind of glbtu organization. it's an amazing song, so i'm glad she always plays it!
when i saw her- she played it in the middle of her set
oh really? i only asked because in alive and well she's like "last song, i wonder what its going to be" as if she always played it last. i've seen her twice and both times it was last.
I just saw her yesterday and she played it last. I am in LOVE with her!!!!
yeah i've since discovered she DOES always play it last! i love her!